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Wow, Deviantart poetry... [9am on 7/10/09]
[ mood | shocked ]

Is absolute shit.

First entry in years, I suppose. I went on deviantart today for the first time in years as well, but to look at the amazing character art of someone I work with currently. I decided to check out the best poetry of all time...ALL TIME. I was floored. Every piece I saw on the first page was shit. I'm not trying to be mean or elitest, but it was eye-bleeding. It left me wondering if there is a sub-group of actually good poets who no one likes because they are sophisticated.

Although in the days when I used to post up my poetry, my poems were early learning attempts, I can see why they didn't get more traffic. It could have something to do with the fact that they weren't filled with teenage angst. Don't get me wrong, some had angst, but it was more complicated than Jonny doesn't love me anymore.

The feeling this revelation left me with is similar to when I see someone composing a poem out in the world. Inside, my first reaction is, "OH! A POEM! THAT MUST MEAN YOU'RE A POET! WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON." I recommend reading over someone's shoulder FIRST. More often than not, it's a disappointment, but even worse if you have to pretend you like it, or that the person has anything intriguing in their poems at all, or style, or on and on and on. I am fine with bad poetry being a form of self-expression for YOURSELF, like a diary, but if you aren't expressing your poetry for the purpose of getting better and gathering critique, keep it in your pants.

The Fuzz

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The color of my brain [2pm on 4/4/07]
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Tire Hair Loss: A serious epidemic [1pm on 2/27/07]
My tires? Are bald...front tires that is. I knew they were balding, but I didn't know that the tread was showing through on one of them. o_O So it is off to the tire place for me. Hopefully I didn't ruin more than the tires which are going to pinch my pocket anyways. It's not like I can get cheap replacement tires either because of the rims. So I think, on my way over to the tire place...I should get a bank statement and talk to my roommate about when I can make payment on rent, because this is going to eat away at my account for a week or so. Looks like I'm walking to work...at 4:30 in the morning. Smashing good time. ._.
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Quiz [1am on 11/29/06]
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Nnnngh [12am on 6/20/06]
[ mood | sad ]

So apparently because people will actually buy this crap game, I will have to be working 12 hour days 6 days a week. No events for me because lets face it, events are held for central and east timers. Suck. I missed the min attack which has me sad and I can't even connect on from work because I think they somehow figured out I was using mosha to tunnel through and set me on a rotating ip.

But I was just thinking, I hate it when people get the wrong impression of me. I hate it when things are soured. I was remembering something that happened awhile ago and it's got me all disappointed about things. Anyways, I really don't like regretting things, and what made me a little sad about it was because okay, I lost a person to RP with, but I liked talking to this person and stuff and I guess some stupid prideful part of me can't stand that they would have this sour feeling about me.

I hate when things go unresolved and so many things do. Oh well I guess.

the fuzz

4 bald firemen; shave me.

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